Painting & Works On Paper

Continental school, c. 1840. Still life depicting flowers arranged in an urn. Oil on panel in old carved frame. 11" W x 12" H. Stock No. A36. $375.00


Victor Joseph Chavet (French, 1822-1908). Portrait of a gentleman connoisseur reading in his closet. Oil on panel c. 1850, in 20th century giltwood frame with linen liner. 12" W x 14" H. Stock No. A45. $1,100.00


Thomas Willoughby Nason (American, 1889-1971). "Beach Shack", Comstock & Fletcher No. 127, chiaroscuro wood engraving, 1931, ed. 60. Stock No. A96. $325.00


Thomas Willoughby Nason (American, 1889-1971). "Finnegan’s Hovel", Comstock & Fletcher No. 149, copper engraving 1933, approximately 30 proofs. Stock No. A97. $400.00


Thomas Willoughby Nason (American, 1889-1971). "The Berry Picker", Comstock & Fletcher No. 158, wood engraving, 1933, ed. 90. Stock No. A98. $300.00


Thomas Willoughby Nason (American, 1889-1971). "Back Country", Comstock & Fletcher No. 134, wood engraving, 1931, ed. 50. Stock No. A99. $325.00


Thomas Willoughby Nason (American, 1889-1971). "March Landscape", Comstock & Fletcher No. 77, chiaroscuro wood engraving, 1927, approximately 10 proofs known. Stock No. A103. $450.00


Thomas Willoughby Nason (American, 1889-1971). "Willow Tree And Cottage", Comstock & Fletcher No. 102, wood engraving, 1920, edition of 50. Stock No. A104. $325.00


Sold Paintings & Works On Paper


Russell Cheney (American, 1881-1945). Landscape depicting a stand of pine trees in the snow, oil on canvas, c. 1920s. Signed at lower left. Overall dimensions: 46" W x 38" H. Stock No. A156. SOLD


Arthur Andrew Small (American, 1885-1958). The Hills of Donegal, oil on panel, c. 1930s. 14" W x 12" H. Stock No. A4. SOLD


English school, 19th century. A view of a river spanned by an iron bride with a distant castle, possibly Ludlow Castle. Oil on panel in an old gilt frame. 31"W x 19"H. Stock No. A37. SOLD


American school c. 1830. Portrait of a young man. Oil on canvas, 27" W x 31" H. In what is probably its original molded wood frame with gilt liner. Small area of retouch on jacket. Stock No. A29. SOLD


Dutch c. 1780. Portrait of a gentleman, possibly a military man. The name Andreas Meijer is painted on the reverse. Oil on canvas in a modern gilt frame. 23" W x 31" H. Stock No. A18. SOLD


Charles-Francois Daubigny (French, 1817-1878). "L'Etang", oil on board, 3rd quarter 19th century. 11" L x 8.5" H. Stock No. A30. SOLD


American school c. 1870. Still life depicting fruit and flowers arranged on an embroidered cloth. Oil on canvas in original gilt frame. 25" W x 14" H. Stock No. A6. SOLD


Johannes Janson (Dutch, 1729-1784). Pair of pastoral genre scenes, one signed at lower left. Watercolor on laid paper c. 1765. Stock No. A43. SOLD


Johannes Janson (Dutch, 1729-1784). Pair of pastoral genre scenes, one signed at lower left. Watercolor on laid paper c. 1765. Stock No. A43. SOLD


English School second quarter 19th century. A low tide scene depicting fishermen on the shore. Watercolor with goache on paper. 14.5" W x 12.5" H. Stock No. A44. SOLD


American School c. 1840. Portrait of a gentleman in a fancy waistcoat. SOLD


French School c. 1810. Portrait of a lady in an embroidered silk shawl. SOLD