Four gallon stoneware jug with cobalt decoration depicting a bird perched on stylized foliage, E & LP Norton, Bennington, Vermont, c. 1870. Stock No. C584. 17" H. $665.00


Two gallon ovoid stoneware jug with floral decoration, J. Seymour, Troy, New York, c. 1830. 14 1/2" H. Stock No. C516. $325.00


Stoneware churn with cobalt floral decoration, New England c. 1840. Two gallon capacity. 14" H x 7" dia. at base. Stock No. C354. $375.00


Two gallon stoneware jug, impressed mark reading "C. Paul & Co, 149 Blackstone St, Boston", and stencilled cobalt inscription reading "The Cushing Process Co / 214 High & 157 Broad Sts / Boston", c. 1860. 14" H. Stock No. C353. $295.00


Ovoid stoneware jar signed Goodwin & Webster, Hartford, Connecticut. 1818-30. 10 1/2" H. Stock No. C547. $160.00


Ovoid stoneware storage jar signed D. Goodale, Hartford, Connecticut, c. 1820. 9.25" H. Stock No. C331. $185.00


Stoneware flask or bottle, American, 1820-40, ex museum collection. Old rim flake. 8.25" H. Stock No. C288. $195.00


Salt glaze stoneware storage jar, American c. 1860. Unusual form. 7" H x 4.25" Dia. at base. Stock No. C290. $115.00


Stoneware storage jar with Albany slip glaze, American, 1830-50. 8.25" H x 4" Dia. at base. Stock No. C291. $125.00


Stoneware bottle impressed "J. Southmayd", American c. 1860. 9" H. Stock No. C311. 50.00


Stoneware bottle with light colored slip glaze signed P. Conrad, American c. 1860. 9.5" H. Stock No. C326. $45.00


Stoneware hot water bottle retaining its original cork, American c. 1840. 11" H x 3.5" Dia. (at base). Stock No. C291


Ovoid stoneware storage jar with coggled decoration, likely Mid-Atlantic or Southern US, first half 19th century. 11" H. Stock No. C280. $150.00


Sold Stoneware


Cobalt decorated crock signed Frank B. Norton, Worcester, Mass, c. 1880. 7.5" H x 8" Dia. Stock No. C244. SOLD


Stoneware inkwell, American, early 19th century. Salt glaze with a dab of blue. 2" H x 2 3/4" Dia. Stock No. C495. SOLD


Rare salt glaze stoneware jug signed Goodwin & Webster, Hartford, Connecticut c. 1830. 11" H. Stock No. C330. SOLD


Tan glazed ovoid stoneware jar with coggled decoration, first quarter 19th century. 6.75" H. Stock No. C359. SOLD


Exceptionally large ovoid stoneware jug signed Stedman & Seymour, New Haven, Connecticut c. 1840. 16.5" H x 6" Dia (at base). Stock No. C292. SOLD


Ovoid stoneware jug with cobalt decoration signed H. & G. Nash, Utica, New York c. 1830. 11" H x 4.5" Dia. (at base). Stock No. C246. SOLD


Black basalt engine-turned inkwell, English c. 1800. Stock No. C323. SOLD


Ovoid stoneware jug with cobalt decoration signed John Duntze, New Haven, Connecticut c. 1830. 14" H x 7" Dia. (at base). Stock No. C268. SOLD


Salt glaze stoneware flask, unusual pronounced "pumpkin seed" form. Likely Southern US, c. 1830. 7.5" H. Stock No. C289. SOLD


Stoneware flask with Albany slip exterior, American c. 1840. In very good condition. 6.5" H. Stock No. C260. SOLD


Stoneware bottle of an unusual form, probably Southern US c. 1850. 6" H. Stock No. C261. SOLD


Small stoneware crock, American, 19th century. 3.25" H x 5.25" Dia. Stock No. C175. SOLD


Stoneware oyster jug signed Caryl Bros., New England c. 1860. In very good condition. 7.25" H x 3" Dia. Stock No. C259. SOLD


Salt glaze stoneware storage jar with cobalt decoration, Pennsylvania c. 1860. 10" H x 6.25" Dia. Stock No. C304. SOLD


Two gallon stoneware churn with lug handles and cobalt decoration attributed to Bosworth or Seymour, Hartford, CT c. 1870. Very good condition. 12" H x 6.25" Dia. Stock No. C258. SOLD


Ovoid stoneware jar with cobalt decoration and lug handles signed J. Shepard, Jr. Geddes, NY, c. 1850. Small, scattered handle chips. 7.5" H x 8.25" Dia. Stock No. C257. SOLD


Ovoid stoneware jar with lug handles and cobalt decoration on front and reverse, New England c. 1840. In very good condition. 8.5" H x 6.75" Dia. Stock No. C256. SOLD


Ovoid stoneware jar with lug handles and cobalt decoration, probably New York State c. 1830. Deaccessioned from a Connecticut museum. 8.75" H x 7.25" Dia. Stock No. C255. SOLD


Ovoid two gallon butter churn with lug handles and cobalt decoration, American c. 1870. 13" H x 8" Dia. Stock No. C126. SOLD


Stoneware jug with cobalt decoration, American c. 1880. 9" H x 5.5" Dia. Stock No. C154. SOLD


Ovoid stoneware jug with an appealing motted glaze, American c. 1820. 13" H. Stock No. C127. SOLD


Four gallon cobalt decorated stoneware crock with lug handles, signed Harmon & Dearden, Springfield, Mass, American c. 1880. 11.5" W x 11" H. Stock No. C163. SOLD