Redware storage jar with a mottled green glaze, New England, first half 19th century. 8 1/4" H x 5 1/2" Dia. Stock No. C349. $475.00


Redware jar with manganese decoration, Norwalk, Connecticut c. 1850. From a group of redware vessels made in imitation of contemporary stoneware forms. A similar example is illustrated on p. 64 of American Redware by William C. Ketchum. 9.25" H x 8" Dia. Stock No. C424. $295.00


Reedware storage jar, American c. 1840. 6.75" H x 3.75" Dia (at mouth). Stock No. C269. $75.00


Large redware storage jar with manganese glaze, New England, first half 19th century. 11" H x 8" Dia. Stock No. C293. $185.00


Manganese daubed ovoid redware jar, American, first half 19th century. A large, boldly decorated example. 10" H x 7 1/4" Dia at top. Stock No. C496. $295.00


Ovoid redware storage jar with manganese decoration attributed to Norwalk, Connecticut, early 19th century. Lug handles and incised bands around the tim. 8.25" H x 6.25" Dia. Stock No. C243. $285.00


Redware storage jar with manganese splotches, Pennsylvania, early 19th century. Incised bands around rim and at shoulder. 9.25" H x 5.75" Dia. Stock No. C373. $275.00


Manganese daubed redware storage jar, likely Pennsylvania, first half 19th century. 9" H x 7" Dia. at mouth. Stock No. C497. $250.00


Redware bank with impressed pinwheel-form decoration, further embellished with manganese spatters and a solid band of manganese around the foot. American, early to mid 19th century. 4" H x 3" Dia. at base. Stock No. C731. $160.00


Rockingham ware cream jug, American c. 1850. 5 3/4" H. Stock No. C644. $48.00


Large Rockingham ware Toby jug, American 1850-70. Excellent codition. 10" H. Stock No. C247. $75.00


Sold Earthenware


Creamware pepper pot, English, late 18th or early 19th century. 4 3/4" H. Stock No. C513. SOLD


Redware flask, lilkely Connecticut c. 1840. 6 1/4" H. Stock No. C388. SOLD


Redware storage jar with manganese decoration and a medial incised band, American, second quarter 19th century. 10 1/4" H x 7 1/4" Dia. Stock No. C555. SOLD


Ovoid redware storage jar, American c. 1820. 9" H x 7" Dia. (extreme). Stock No. C296. SOLD


Pearlware leaf shaped condiment or relish dish with a blue shell edge, English, early 19th century. 6" L x 6" W. Stock No. C653. SOLD


Unusual redware jar with a dark manganese glaze, American, mid 19th centuyry. Probably an oyster jar. 8.25" H. Stock No. C265. SOLD


Matched pair of Rockingham ware Toby jugs, American 1850-70. 6" H. Stock No. C249. SOLD


Redware storage jar with unusual green glaze, New England, early to mid 19th century. 6" H x 4 1/2" Dia. Stock No. C351. SOLD


Pearlware cream jug with gaudy decoration, English c. 1820. 4" H x 4.5" L. Stock No. C317. SOLD


Heart-shaped redware food mold with an impressed rooster, French or French Canadian, 19th century. 8" W x 11" L x 3" H. Stock No. C327. SOLD


Slip-banded yellowware canister, American c. 1850. 4.5" H x 5" Dia. Stock No. C328. $65.00


Small redware pan or dish with brushed manganese decoration, likely Pennsylvania, late 18th or early 19th century. 2" H x 4' Dia. at top. Stock No. C503 SOLD


Earthenware storage jar with green and ochre lead glaze, likely French c. 1830. 6.75" H x 4" Dia. Stock No. C236. SOLD


Ovoid redware jug with applied strap handle. Manganese and incised decoration, New England, early 19th century. 8.5" H. Stock No. C315. SOLD


Rockingham ware scalloped edge baking dish, American c. 1850. Excellent condition with good base wear. 8" Dia. Stock No. C254. SOLD


Redware bowl with manganese decoration, American, 1800-50. 4" H x 7.5" Dia. Stock No. C314. SOLD


Redware flask, American c. 1830. 6.75" H. Stock No. C286. SOLD


Redware flask with manganese decoration, American c. 1820. 7" H. Stock No. C285. SOLD


Yellowware mug with mocha "earthworm" decoration, English c. 1840. 3" H x 3.5" Dia. Stock No. C287. SOLD


Slip decorated redware plate with a coggled rim, Pennsylvania or New Jersey c. 1830. 11" Dia. Stock No. C245. SOLD


Small yellowware pot with an interesting ochre colored glaze, Pennsylvania or New Jersey c. 1830. 5" H x 4" Dia. Stock No. C253. SOLD


Small lead glazed redware pot, Pennsylvania c. 1840. 4.5" H x 4" Dia. Stock No. C240. SOLD


Redware preserve jar with a manganese lead glaze and a central band of impressed decoration, Pennsylvania c. 1840. 8" H x 5" Dia. Stock no. C252. SOLD


Redware jug, possibly New York c. 1820. 9.5" H. Stock No. AA. SOLD