A cast iron spider or skillet, American, late 18th century. 10" Dia. x 19" L (extreme). Inventory code: M39. SOLD


A cast iron baking pan, American or English, 19th century. 14" L x 9.5" W. Inventory code: M40. SOLD


A fine wrought iron rotating broiler, probably Connecticut, late 18th century. Said to have descended in the family of John Samuel Peters (1772-1858) of Hebron, 26th Governor of Connecticut. 13" Dia. x 24" L (extreme). Inventory code: M50. SOLD


A wrought iron rotating hearth toaster, likely American, 18th century. 12" W x 19.5" L (extreme). Inventory code: M42. $295.00


A particularly elaborate wrought iron rotating hearth toaster, likely continental, 18th century. 19" L x 12.5" W. Inventory code: M108. $375.00


A wrought iron hearth trivet, American, 18th century. 6.5" Dia. x 13" L (extreme). Inventory code: M64. $125.00


A cast iron entwined serpent hearth trivet, American or English, mid 19th century. Pictured in McClinton, page 81. 5.5" W x 9" L. Inventory code: M37. $185.00


A pair of wrought iron gooseneck andirons with faceted knobs, American, 18th century. 9.5" W x 15.5" H x 18" D. Inventory code: M52. SOLD


A pair of wrought iron andirons, American, late 18th century. Desirable small size. 13" H x 13" D. Inventory code: M53. $250.00


A cast iron candle snuffer, English, early to mid 19th century. 6.5" L x 2" W. Inventory code: M67. SOLD


A forged iron saw-tooth trammel, likely American, early to mid 18th century. 43" L, extending to 61". Inventory code: M42. $250.00


A wrought iron candlestick with adjusting mechanism and hanging spike, probably intended for use in a wine cellar. The French refer to candle holders of this type as a "rat du cave" or "cellar rat". Continental, 18th century. 6" H x 8" W (extreme). Inventoty code: M109. $285.00


A pair of wrought iron plant stands, possibly English, late 19th century. Old white painted surface. 37" H x 15" Dia. Inventory code: M113. $895.00


A dimunitive pair of wrought iron andirons with brass finials and fitted with spit hooks, English, late 17th or early 18th century. Peened construction. 11" H x 13"D. Inventory code: M114. $325.00